Floating Groove

Date Venue City
2017-05-06 TanzBar Szczecin, PL

Floating Groove - electronic music project based in Stettin (Poland). It's a duo of producers and DJs who represent: Dawid Korniak and Michael Modoolar. Although the project was created in mid-2015, both artists play a few years... Dawid since 2012, Michael since 2004. They are residents in Tanz Bar (City Hall Club, Stettin). At the turn of 2015 and 2016 they released two EPs on Mexican label called Elite Records. They played at such festivals like: Audioriver, Boogie Brain, Plötzlich am Meer or Summer Contrast.
As DJs they visited several clubs like: Humboldthain and Haus am See (Berlin), SQ, Luzztro, Sfinks 700, Metro, Wosk. Dawid and Michael shared music scenes with such artists like: Crazy P, Ame, Alex Barck, KiNK live, Patlac, Daniel Stefanik, El_Txef_A, Marcus Worgull, Kyodai live, Beddermann & Dahlmann, Juli N. More, Bruno Otranto, Samanta Fox, Pauli Pocket, Gloria Fock, Fjaak, Beaner, Michal Zietara, SLG, Novika and many more…