Date Venue City
2019-03-08 Schron Poznań, PL
2019-03-09 Transformator Wrocław, PL

Who is MANOID? Where does he come from? When was he born? Does that really matter? What matters is the music that comes out under that name and the live performances you can expect when you see MANOID in the line-up. And you will hear and see more of him as he’s releasing his debut album on hafendisko this Autumn.

The music he makes is unique - just like the way he makes it. Using a blend of field recording, synthesis and sound design he creates electronica that is at the same time technical and organic but first and foremost - emotionally driven. It’s not techno. It’s not downtempo. It’s MANOID.

He released his first tracks in 2014 and a year later produced a successful EP for a rising Polish artist, Pola Rise. That collaboration continued in 2018 when MANOID produced half of her debut LP. This year also saw two more of his solo singles come out – one with a remix from Sid Le Rock and the other with a rework by Black Light Smoke. These releases are leading to a grand finale in Autumn – the “Truth” LP on Germany’s hafendisko label.

MANOID is also an experienced live performer who not only regularly plays in Poland but also gets invited to countries such as The Netherlands, South Korea, Iceland, Slovakia and Lithuania. The music he makes for albums and singles transforms significantly when he brings it to clubs and festivals. He likes it when people express themselves in dance and uses all the electronic equipment on stage to make them move.