Date Venue City
2018-06-22 Instytut Festival Modlin, PL
2018-06-23 Wooded Festival Szczecin, PL
2018-06-29 Tauron Nowa Muzyka Festival Katowice, PL
2018-07-14 Intro Festival Racibórz, PL

MANOID was born in 1989 in the eastern part of Poland in vicinity of the last initial forest in Europe. He was raised by his family with long traditions in the small village surrounded by the forest. As a young boy he attended piano lessons and then started experimenting with musical possibilities of the computer. Being self-taught he was fascinated by samplers and synthesisers and spent many years exploring the digital technology of sound creation.

As he moved to Warsaw he quickly started cooperating with other artists. His individual style and sound were credited by the polish electronic music scene. MANOID played several concerts in Poland. He was recognised by international promoters as well. He played in Iceland, Slovakia, Lithuania, The Netherlands and South Korea to name a few.

His sound reflects the emotional journey inside himself to find truth. His musical structures are precise mosaics of punctual percussions based on melodic harmonies. Besides electronic instruments he uses soundscapes, acoustic instruments and classical voice. MANOID plays with the listeners engaging them with mixture of technical rhythms and melodic themes.