Time2Play (T2P), is a project founded in 2009 by a group of friends willing to organize events on their own. The initial desire to create and be part of the clubbing community led to even greater fascination that continues to till today.
The main and unchanging mission of the collective is to promote independent, broadly defined electronic music. Years of experience and series of events, both in Warsaw and the Polish scene, allowed to create a recognizable brand and led to the current structure of the collective.

Current member of Time2Play are:
Kaja Adamczewska (Kaj)
Founder of the T2P. She started it all. Years of experience and the ability to discover talents, helped her to build a solid brand known not only in our country. Her style is a combination of light melodic deep house sounds with dynamic techno. Professionally she is a graphic designer and her works promote most of the T2P events.

Bartek Smurlik
Behind the decks since he finished 16 years old. That was the time when he bought his first equipment and began the adventure with music. In his sets, he likes to combine different styles. Always full of energy, smiling good techno fanatic. He believes that selection, quality and good sound system are a determinants of a good set.

Sincz (Burn Residency Poland / We Are Your Music Mate)
Born and raised in Warsaw. In 1999, he began learning to play piano, which he gave up in 2002 - when he first met with clubbing culture. Since 2004, he decided to start his adventure with Djing and debuted on the Polish clubbing scene a year after in the famous Piekarnia club. He did so well that in 2006 he was offered to mange after party events in Tomba Tomba club. For many years the events were considered to be the best in Warsaw, as well as throughout Poland.
Since 5 years he focuses on producing his own tracks in the style of Deep House and Tech House. He is a representative of one of the best Polish music labels ''We Are Your Music Mate ". Year 2014 was a breakthrough for him thanks to Burn Residency contest Mix Off 2014 in Poland, which he won and flew to Ibiza to play in Sankeys , Sands , Café Mambo or Privillage club.

Current, three-person collective is a group of enthusiastic and charismatic personalities. They receive very good reviews among people associated with the music industry, which is proved by the number of bookings they organized and played in response to invitations from Warsaw promoters (and not only). The great successes may include WE LOVE series of events organized as part of a residency at the club of 1500 meters to rent, starring with Anja Schneider, Gaiser, or Damian Lazarus.
In cooperation with club Metro in Bialystok, where they are currently residents, they create a series of podcast in the same name, inviting Polish and foreign artists.