Tumult Hands

Tumult Hands


Jacek Sienkiewicz
Born in 1976 in Warsaw, Jacek started his foray into electronic music as a DJ in mid-90s, spinning then-hard-to-find-in-Poland Detroit techno and Chicago house. Experiments with analogue machines soon led Jacek to producing his own music - and playing it live. By '96 he completely ditched DJing, and his very first live show - which notably took place at Warsaw's Centre for Contemporary Art - was a example of his love of vintage Roland synths and analogue sequencing. Soon, the Recognition label came to life - in 1999 issuing debut CD sounding equally rough and melodic, a blueprint of things to come.
After first few vinyl releases, Jacek spent some time living in Berlin - years before everyone moving there became a global fashion statement. This resulted in a string of EPs for German labels - like then-budding Trapez, underrated De:Bug Hartwaren and prolific Klang. Early Recognition singles found their way to Sven Vath's record bag and soon Jacek has become the first artist to release a full album) on Frankfurt's finest, Cocoon Records.
2002's "Techne" was followed by the moody "Displaced" two years later. In 2009 Cocoon released Jacek's mix/compilation CD, "Modern Dance". "On the Road", new album of premiere material and probably his most complex and challenging work to date is due in Spring 2011.
But it is his label Recognition Records that's by no means the most important factor in realizing Jacek's unique vision of club music - definitely dancefloor-friendly, but also bearing some sort of organic complexity and a rare attention to detail. Recognition catalogue is now approaching 30 releases, most of them documenting Jacek's evolving experiments with sound and rhythm, proving his unparalleled approach to the music formerly known as minimal techno. The label is also a platform for lesser-known musicians and friends, and releases by the likes of Etiop and Giro Arana prove that Jacek takes no compromises when it comes to individual artistic vision and quality.
Jacek only plays live, and by live he means far more than just computer work. His live sets, performed in clubs all over the world, always guarantee to surprise, mesmerise and finally rise the roof up high. Jacek played on numerous major festivals, including I Love Techno, Awakenings, Nature One, Detroit Fuse Festival, Mutek, Transmediale and many others, from Cocoon parties in Ibiza to small, underground clubs and bars, presenting his very own vision of the music formerly known as minimal techno.
With over 40 releases behind, and over a decade of running own label, Jacek Sienkiewicz persistently keeps following his very own path, creating music that very soon began to be impossible to define.


Jurek Przeździecki
Jerzy Przezdziecki was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1973. At the age of 10, as a result of his early, classical fascination with Chopin, Beethoven and Bach, he started his piano lessons. At that time he totally felt in love with music. As the years went by, his passion was getting stronger and stronger. Studying at the Warsaw College of Art he had the first opportunity to hear some electronic - mostly new beat and industrial – music. Front 242, Psychic TV, Throbbing Gristle, SPK and Coil changed Jurek’s attitude for the music forever. It was no longer enough to listen. He wanted to create. No matter what music genre he’s currently in, there’s always one goal: originality. He never stops creating his own definition of music. Always searching for its’ new emotional character and aesthetic form. Despite the strong need for harmony, he likes to experiment and goes far beyond style conventions. His inspirations come from all kinds of contemporary music. As an electronic music producer he produced 2 LPs, many EPs and single pieces. He had a chance to present his music in Japan, Australia, South Africa, Portugal, Norway, Germany and of course in Poland.
Nowadays techno and minimal music became the focus of his musical interest. He records for Boshke Beats, Whirlpoolsex music and for the Polish Recognition Records. His first EP for Traumschallplatten label is announced for the spring of 2009. Today his appetite for self development seems to be as big as it used to be. He’s just started private studies of composition and contemporary music theory. The future is bright. The future is Jurek.